1 Tank of Gas Vacation Ideas

June 14, 2022

Does the price of gas have you rethinking your summer vacation plans? With airfare and gas prices hitting record highs, many travelers are looking for ways to enjoy summer without breaking the bank. On average, your car can travel 200 to 400 miles on a full tank of gas and the average car gets 24 miles to the gallon. That makes New Hampshire a great choice for Northeast travelers! So if you’re hoping to kick back and relax without the added expense, read on … Here are our recommendations for a 1 Tank of Gas vacation ideas:

Pick a Destination That’s Close(r) to Home 

You don’t have to go far to find your little piece of heaven this summer. If you have several destinations in mind, pick the one that is closest. For instance, Snowvillage Inn is just about 130 miles from the greater Boston area – which leaves plenty of miles to drive round trip yet still explore.

Find a Resort with Lots of Amenities 

Choose a “park your car and forget it” lodging option. Finding a place with a beautiful location, on-site activities, dining and amenities available means less time driving around looking for things to do. Snowvillage Inn is off the beaten track with breathtaking mountain views. Relax on our screen porch or Adirondack chairs around the property. Explore our hiking trails. Pick blueberries on Foss Mountain (the inn is located on the bottom slope of Foss). Enjoy breakfast in our dining room and cocktails in our pub, and dinner in our restaurant. It’s all right here.

Bike-to Activities

Want to burn some calories and find fun things to do on vacation (without burning fuel)? Pick a hotel or inn in New Hampshire’s White Mountains or Lakes Region that is close to lakes, rivers, trails and mountains. Snowvillage Inn is a short bike ride from Eaton’s Crystal Lake for fishing, kayaking or swimming. Visit Eaton’s iconic Little White Church. Pedal to the Eaton Village Store for lunch. Explore the winding byways along rivers and lakes. Bring your own bike or borrow one of the Inn’s two bicycles at no extra cost.

Don’t Stay “In Town”

This is probably true of many resort destinations but especially so of North Conway, New Hampshire. Stay on the outskirts of popular travel destinations. You get to enjoy most if not all of the same activities without the additional driving, traffic or idling. Snowvillage Inn is located south of North Conway, closer to major cities such as Portland, Maine, Boston, Mass., Portsmouth, NH and other points south. Not only will you reduce gallons consumed, but you’ll also avoid the crowds!

Go Slow

Instead of spending vacation driving endless miles chasing the latest and greatest Instagrammable activities, try going slow for a change. Put down the laptop or mobile device and spend time with your loved one(s) being wholly present. Play board games together. Look at works of art and ponder the artist’s vision. Read books on a rainy day on a porch. Walk in the woods and listen for bird song. Watch the sunset over the mountains. You’ll miss it all if you don’t slow down long enough to notice.

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