A Beginners Guided Mountain Biking Excursion in the White Mountains

A Beginners Guided Mountain Biking Excursion in the White Mountains

A Beginners Guided Mountain Biking Excursion in the White Mountains

A Beginners Guided Mountain Biking Excursion in the White Mountains. Explore the roads less traveled with Snowvillage Inn!

Biking off the beaten path can have the best rewards. Snowvillage Inn has designed mountain bike trips that showcase the natural beauty of the world around us like no other. Whether it’s the navigating mountain trails with majestic views or the endless beauty of meandering through the woods, our trips offer those memories that photos can never do justice for.

This particular Mountain Biking package is for the folks who are novices to the biking trails. You know…these folks who want to head out, but are just not sure where to start or even where to go. But we do!

The knowledgeable people at Outdoor Escapes are whom we turn to for all of our outdoor excursions. The guides and instructors over there are extremely knowledgeable about anything “outdoorsy”. You’ll be fascinated with the details offered during your ride about the wildlife, surrounding forest and history of the area.

The folks at Outdoor Escapes will pick you up, suit you up, get you completely ready to hit the trails and guide you wherever you want to go! You will not need to bring any gear just the suggested clothing and appropriate footwear.

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  • 2 Night Stay
  • Guiding Mountain Biking Excursion
  • Snowvillage Inn Water Bottle
  • Mountain Bike & Helmet Rental
  • Lunch
  • Swimming at Crystal Lake
  • A full country breakfast every morning
  • Free Wi-Fi, coffee and parking





To anyone who has been riding a bike since they were a toddler, mountain biking doesn’t sound *too* intimidating. After all, how hard can it be to translate road skills to the trail?

Well, actually, mountain biking requires more skill—and more of a learning curve—than one might think. That’s why we designed MOUNTAIN BIKING 101 for beginners.

  • Go with someone who knows the trails: Following another biker will help you find the best line and the right speed. Also, it frees your mind to focus on riding, not directions. And if you happen to need a trail-side repair, you’ll be happy to be with a local guide!
  • You’re in good enough shape to get started right now: Mountain biking is the ideal sport to ease into, even if you’re not at your physical peak. As it’s a mental exercise just as much as physical, your fitness level will naturally build up over time.
  • It’s actually a lot safer than it looks: It might seem insane to ride through twisting, turning, narrow trails over rocks and down steep hills. It’s not. Riding a mountain bike is a completely different sensation than riding any other bike – it’s slower, more controlled, and much safer than it looks.
  • It’s slower than it looks: When you’re just starting out, you’ll be clocking about 6-8 MPH… about the same speed as a slow jog. So don’t worry about getting out of control.
  • It’s not just for adrenaline junkies: Those videos of people flying down rocky, curvy trails and doing big jumps? They’ve probably ridden that trail a few dozen times, and they’re usually professionals.  For most of us, it’s more of a meander than a rush.
  • Mountain biking is not like road biking: If you’re a road biker ready to venture into mountain biking, don’t be discouraged if it feels like you’re starting over. It may take a few twists and turns before you feel comfortable but you’ll get it!
  • Stick with it: The first few trips on a mountain bike aren’t always easy. Once you are hooked you’ll slog yourself and your bike up steep hills, over narrow bridges, and down slippery rocks. Your shins will be bruised, and there will likely be a few cuts and scrapes. But you know it will all be worth it.
What to expect from a GUIDE Mountain Bike Tour!
  • Knowledgeable guide discussing and showing techniques as well as tips
  • Local, insider locations for your ability
  • Bike inspection,  
  • lunch, nature/history talks, biking tips,
  • Possible wildlife viewing and photo opportunities.

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