Ward Hayden and the Outliers


11/10/2023 - 8:00 pm


Stone Mountain Arts Center
695 Dugway Rd, Brownfield, ME, 04010

Among the various styles that Boston is known for, country music wasn’t a truly thriving genre there. That is until singer, songwriter and guitarist Ward Hayden and his band The Outliers (formerly known as Girls Guns & Glory) sang and played their distinctive take on C&W with a rock’n’roll kick to the top of the Boston scene. This band is now a thriving, critically-acclaimed and highly-awarded group across America and in Europe. Rockin’ and Rootin’, this group collides country, rock, honkytonk and folk. Ward Hayden and the Outliers have an eclectic blend that mixes catchy melodies and percussion with grit and heart.