Forest Bathing Brings You Back to Nature

March 23, 2020

Snowvillage Inn is planning to help guests relax, recharge and destress later this year with the introduction of a Forest Bathing Trail on their grounds. Owner and Innkeeper Jen Kovach explained that forest bathing will invite guests to commune with nature on their wooded trails. It will let them focus on “sight, sound, smell and feel” at predesignated stations along the way.

According to Psychology Today, Forest Bathing is defined as making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest. What sets forest bathing apart from simply taking a walk in the forest is that it encourages people to consciously take in the sights, sounds, smells. It’s about the whole experience, rather than allowing our minds to do the things they habitually do, like putting together a mental grocery list. Results of a study of 280 subjects conducted in 2010 found that forest bathing was associated with lower levels of a stress indicator called cortisol, lower pulse rate, and lower blood pressure. Relaxing like this is crucial for good health. The fact is, chronic stress reduces immune function and makes us more prone to depression, heart disease, and other disorders.

Jen shared that their future plans for their Forest Bathing Trail will feature signs at different points along the trail that encourage an action to take, such as “Breathe,” “Smell,” or “Listen.” Guests are asked to walk the trail by themselves and to leave their devices behind … no selfies while Forest Bathing! Guests will receive a map outlining the trails and stations along with a background on the benefits of Forest Bathing when they check-in.

The Forest Bathing Experience will begin for guests as they arrive for their stay at the Snowvillage Inn. Rooms for guests who have selected a Forest Bathing Experience for their stay will be greeted by a special diffuser in their room, wafting the aroma of pine, cedar, and balsam. A special yogi tea will also be served to get in the mood for a truly relaxing and unique experience.

Forest bathing is not the only relaxing activity for guests at the Snowvillage Inn. Other recommended activities include guided hikes, which can be arranged by the innkeepers; taking a waterfall tour; and visiting businesses such as Be Well Studios for yoga and meditation, or The Soaking Pot for a relaxing foot soak. Thinking of a future visit to the White Mountains and a relaxing forest bathing experience is a stress-relieving experience in and of itself! If you’ve visited us in the past, view your photos and dream of a return visit in the future! Haven’t been yet? View our online photo gallery here!

As of this writing on March 23, many businesses and operations are modified due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Please call ahead to confirm availability.

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