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Is It the Right Time for a Minimalist Wedding?

The concept of minimalism has officially hit the wedding style scene. With so much going on in the world now, this trend towards simplification couldn’t be more refreshing. Couples are hopping on the “less is more” train by clearing away the clutter, eliminating the frills, and being very intentional about what they choose to be part of their big day. In essence, minimalist weddings only include the things that—in the words of Marie Kondo—spark joy.


Why Small is the New Big at Snowvillage Inn

Why Small is the New Big at Snowvillage Inn Secluded Are you dreaming of a getaway later this season? With much of the world staying at home in spring 2020, what might a perfect vacation look like later this year and beyond?  Those in the travel business are pulling out their crystal balls to anticipate […]