Join us here on our trails. Snowvillage Inn offers 10 acres of snowshoeing through our quiet woods that boast our magnificent view! There are also some other great places to travel to and enjoy.

Downhill Skiing & Snowboarding

The White Mountains are infamous for their skiing and riding. Take advantage of our discounted lift tickets and enjoy your day on the slopes.

Snow Tubing

If you haven’t tried this winter adventure, it’s a must. The thrill of high speed sliding, down groom trails and you get a lift up the hill!

King Pine Ski Area
Mount Cranmore


Mt. Washington Snow Coach

snowcoachHead up the rock pile is style! The Auto Road 1s closed to automobile travellers in the winter because of the extreme conditions. But this is best time to experience the wild of mother nature. Take a ride up, enjoy the view, and tour of the observatory. It’s a truly wild experience.

Ice Skating

Tilted natural version, ice skates with reflection
A classic New England pastime. Crystal Lake always has a cleared rink and it’s just around the corner. If you prefer to skate with shelter, King Pine Ski Area has a covered rink and Ham Arena offers skating indoors, all with in minutes of Snowvillage Inn.

Ice Climbing

The mountaineering adventure that is not for the lighthearted! We are fortunate enough to have so much excellent climbing available for ice climbers. Whether you are and avid climber or would like to learn we have suggestions for both!

International Mountain Equipment
Ice Climbing Conditions


Take a ride through the hundreds of miles of groomed trails in the Mount Washington Valley. Bring your own sleds and gear or rent it all from some our local establishments.

Let’s Ride Rentals
Town & Country

Sleigh Rides

Romancing in the mountains. Come join us for a “Just the Two of Us” weekend and add a sleigh ride through the mountain trails. Check out these two enchanting places!  King Pine Ski Area  and Farm By The River.

Brewery Tours

For some, beer is a way of life. It’s a true handcrafted art with endless creative recipes. Take a day to explore, learn and taste what our Mount Washington Valley has to offer for great beer. Tuckerman Brewing Co.
Moat Mountain Brewing Co.


Quaint antique shops dot the landscapes of our area where you can find the best treasures. We have maps and guides that can show you the best driving loops to spend your day treasure searching. Just ask our office for the information